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Criminal Defense

If you or a family member have been charged with a crime, you need to hire an attorney who has the experience in representing clients in the criminal courts at all levels. Peter Shahid has been a lawyer for over 35 years and has represented clients in the municipal, magistrate, state and federal courts. In addition to being a private attorney representing clients, he was a county public defender and a federal prosecutor. He served as a municipal judge for the Town of Mt. Pleasant for almost 10 years and has handled appeals before the State Supreme Court and in the United States Court of Appeals. He is admitted to practice in all state and federal courts, including  the United States Supreme Court.

If you are the subject of an investigation you need to hire a lawyer, and one who has represented clients before they were charged with a crime. If you have been arrested you should hire a lawyer to represent you at your bond hearing and in the early stages of the criminal law process.

Peter Shahid handles simple cases such as shoplifting and simple possession of marijuana to more serious offenses such as drug trafficking, murder and complex fraud or white collar cases. The Shahid Law Office represents juveniles charged with an offense in family court, and high school or college age students charged with drug or alcohol related crimes.